About Us

As REITs and individual investors look to increase profitability and enhance rental portfolios, the need for a turnkey specialist is clear. Tricor Contracting, the premier national contractor in the Single Family Rental (SFR) Market, provides essential support services designed to force equity growth, reduce vacancy times, and protect property values for investors. Our services effectively balance the needs of the investor with the desires of the prospective tenant, resulting in valuable, satisfying spaces.

Our Services

Tenant Turns

Reduce downtime, return your properties to rent-ready standards, and get them back on the market quickly with our Residential Tenant Turn Solutions.

Residential Renovation/Restoration

Restoration services assist our clients with distressed properties and underperforming assets by providing increased value and marketability.

Commercial Renovation/Restoration

Protect your investment, build to suit your ideal tenants, and get your property noticed with our Commercial Renovation & Restoration solutions.

Multiple Markets Across the US

Tricor Contracting is the premier national contractor in the Single-Family Rental Market with over 15,000 completed homes across the United States.


Units Renovated


Project Scope

$2+ Billion

Assets Renovated

19 million Sq/Ft

Flooring Installed


Gallons of Paint Applied


Appliances Installed


Plumbing Fixtures Installed


Lighting Fixtures Installed

Tricor Contracting

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